Italian power metal band Great Master will release today a new video from their upcoming album “Montecristo”, that will be available on September 21st, through Underground Symphony.
The song is the second single presented by the band and is titled “Nest of Stone”.
The band comments:
“Nest of stone is the ballad of our next full length Montecristo, and focuses on the part of the novel in which Edmond Dantes, after escaping from the dungeons of Château d’If and assuming the identity of the Count of Monte Cristo, discovers that his youth love, Mercedes, married one of the conspirators who plotted against him: Fernando Mondego. From this moment on there will no longer be a place for love in the count’s heart, but only new blood for his revenge.
Nest of stone reveals the melancholy side of the Count of Monte Cristo, with his past memories which, as the song progresses, will give way to increasingly stronger and harder thoughts, in continuous growth until the final renunciation of his feelings. 
We are satisfied with the yield, both of the song and of the video. In our opinion they capture the complexity of the emotions that are at stake, of course we leave the last word to our fans.”
The video is directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo (Moviedel Italia production), and will be available in premiere mode starting at 12 today 6 July on the youtube platform and listenable on all digital platforms.
Watch the video now streaming here: