New Album

Guys we enter the studio! A very short time after Denis joined us behind the drums, the doors of Simone Mularoni’s Domination studio open wide for us to record our sixth (!!!) album! Given … Read More »

New Live June 4th

The best Italian Folk and Power Metal bands for you on June 4th!!! Do not Miss Wind Rose, TRICK OR TREAT, Arcana Opera – A. W., Aexylium, DUIR !!!! And yours Great Master!!!

First Vinyl !!

Hi Guys,we are proud to announce the release of GM’s first vinyl in a few weeks! A very Special Limited Edition!! ‘BLACK DEATH 2020’ will be available in a multicoloured 10″ vinyl and are … Read More »

Our music is on bandcamp



Black Death 2020 Vinyl is Available!

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