Hello Guys, we are finally ready to reveal the details about our 3rd Studio Album “Lion & Queen”, that will be release soon. First of all, the voice… we are happy to announce behind the microphone, the historical voice of the Great Master, Max Bastasi! Prominent guests on guitar will be Yackson (Shadows of Steel) and Simone Mularoni (DGM).

We are pleased also to have as guest a great friend who has always been close to GM, Sy voice of Armonight. Also for the orchestral part there will be the participation of two other friends, Andreas Wimmer of Final Chapter and Alessandro Battini of Dark Horizon. We leave you at the moment with an image of the current line-up: Max Bastasi (voice), Jahn Carlini (guitar), Marco Antonello (bass), Massimo Penzo (drums). Stay tuned for more news!