We go on!

As promised, we go on! We have set the course! The new album recording will begin in spring 2019 and it will be produced at the DOMINATION STUDIO with Simone Mularoni. It is decided … Read More »


Great Master want to announce the split from the singer Massimo Bastasi. We want to thank Max for his commitment and passion through all these years.The three albums recorded together have been important milestones … Read More »

About the New Album

Hello guys! Here’s finally some news on the new Great Master’s Full-length… First it will be a concept album, focusing on contemporary pirate themes to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, “Treasure Island”. Don’t expect a … Read More »

New Album

Hello guys, we are working on the fourth album (…something about the sea). It will be a concept album!! Stay Tuned…. WORK IN PROGRESS

New Line-up

Hello Guys! Finally we can present the new line up of the Great Master with the new members of the band! Gianluca Simionato on the bass and Manuel Menin on the Guitar.

Radio show canceled

The radio show Into the Jungle, with our participation at Valliland Radio scheduled for today, Wednesday, June 15 has been canceled and it will be recovered in the future.

Our music is on bandcamp



Black Death 2020 Vinyl is Available!

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